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Perspectives in Mathematics: Syllabus for Fall 2013


“The Shape Of Space” by Jeffrey R. Weeks. We will rely on its second edition. Do note that some of the course content and/or activities will not be directly based on the textbook material. At times, you will be expected to rely on your lecture notes.

Most lectures will assume that you have done your daily reading. The list of readings can be found under the Reading List below.

Short in-class assignments
Most lectures will be accompanied by a short assignment, which will largely depend on your daily reading. Ideally you will be able to finish this assignment in class. To accommodate people who might need extra time, a more private space, or an office hour or Math Skills Center visit to complete the assignment, all assignments will be due by 9AM the following morning. There will be an envelope for your assignments by my office door.

Synthesis take-home assignments
There will be three synthesis take-home assignments, consisting largely of conceptual questions for which you will have to provide essay-like responses. You will be given a week to complete such assignments. The deadlines for turning these assignments in will be October 9th, November 27th, and December 11th, all by 9AM. Feel encouraged to turn in the assignments in class a day early.

Late or missed assignments
I understand that you might find yourself in a situation where you cannot complete an assignment on time. You will nevertheless be expected to turn in what you have by the due date and immediately inform me about your situation. Assuming you are making a good faith effort to stay current in the class, you will be given an opportunity to make up an incomplete assignment.

Grading scheme
Course grades will be based on the short and the synthesis assignments you turn in. Specifically, for each rubric under Educational Goals you will receive a letter grade determined by your performance on the corresponding assignments. The final course grade will be a weighted average of the above. Borderline situations will be resolved by looking at class participation (e.g discussion on the day of the final exam). For the description of letter grades please refer to our College Catalog.