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Perspectives in Mathematics: Reading List for Fall 2013


The following is the tentative list of readings which you will be expected to complete by the indicated date. Note that class feedback may prompt changes to this list.

  • Week 1

      Thursday, September 5th: Chapters 1 and 2 from the textbook.
  • Week 2

      Thursday, September 12th: Chapter 13 from the textbook.
  • Week 3

      Tuesday, September 17th: Chapter 3 from the textbook.
      Thursday, September 19th: Chapter 9 from the textbook, up to and including Exercise 9.3.
  • Week 4

      Tuesday, September 24th: entire Chapter 9 from the textbook.
      Thursday, September 26th: Chapter 10 from the textbook; Exercises 10.1 and 10.2 will be done in class.
  • Week 5

      Tuesday, October 1st: For the pdf of the reading please click here.
      Thursday, October 3rd: For the pdf of the reading on curvature please click here.
  • Week 6

      Tuesday, October 8th: None.
  • Week 7

      Tuesday, October 15th: Chapter 14 with the exception of the material on projective three-space, and the entire Chapter 15.
      Thursday, October 17th: Reading on historical and philosophical underpinnings of geometry.
  • Week 8

      Tuesday, October 22nd: Chapter 4, ending with Exercise 4.10.
      Thursday, October 24th: complete Chapter 4.
  • Week 9

      Tuesday, October 29th: Chapter 5, ending with Exercise 5.6.
      Thursday, October 31st: complete Chapter 5.
  • Week 10

      Tuesday, November 5th: Chapter 12, focusing on material having to do with the Euler characteristic.
      Thursday, November 7th: Watch videos (part I, part II) on Platonic solids.
  • Week 11

      Tuesday, November 12th: Chapter 12, focusing on material having to do with the Gauss-Bonnet Theorem.
      Thursday, November 14th: NONE – review/synthesis day.
  • Week 12

      Tuesday, November 19th: Chapter 11.
      Thursday, November 21st: Chapter 6, focusing on two dimensional examples.
  • Week 13

      Tuesday, November 26th: Chapter 6, focusing on three- dimensional examples.
  • Week 14

      Tuesday, December 3rd: Chapter 19
      Thursday, December 5th: Read and research popular articles to get a sense of the statement and the significance of the Poincaré Conjecture. Links to these articles can be found on the website maintained by Prof. Christina Sormani of CUNY’s Lehman College. Warning: this is going to be a somewhat lengthy reading.
  • Week 15

      Tuesday, December 10th: complete the readings on the Poincaré Conjecture.
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