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Number Theory: Homework and such


The homework assignments are organized according to the underlying topics. The due dates should be clear from the course syllabus and / or class. For resources on a particular subject check out this page.

  • Homework on the introductory / review material: the Well-Ordering Principle and induction, the Greatest Common Divisor, Linear Diophantine Equations, Two Different Definitions of Primes and the Infinitude of Primes. As of Wednesday, September 14th this homework is way overdue.
  • First homework set on modular arithmetic, up to and including the definitions of basic abstract algebra concepts. As of Wednesday, September 28th this homework is way overdue.
  • More homework on modular arithmetic, up to and including Fermat’s Little Theorem.
  • Homework on the Euler phi-function and multiplicative functions in general.
  • Homework on primitive roots, theory of indices and such.
  • Homework on Gaussian Integers.
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