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Calculus 3: updates for Spring of 2016

The following hopefully lists any and all updates to the course packet. The updates should be in inverse chronological order, with the latest updates towards the top of the list.

  • Update made on March 30th
      I made a typo in the packet regarding the time of the final exam. It should be Wednesday, May 4th, from 1PM to 4PM. (There is no such thing as Wednesday, May 2nd!)
  • Update made on March 6th
      Hopefully at this point everyone has completed the Chain Rule homework. Please consult with me if you still haven’t completed this assignment.
      The Line Integrals homework (2.1) is due on Monday, March 7th, as is the homework on Infinitesimal Line, Area and Volume Elements (2.2) and parts of the homework on Riemann Sums (2.3). Not to make the assignment too long, please feel free to skip problems 1, 2 and 3 on the Riemann Sums homework.
      The word Jacobian refers to the determinant of the Jacobi matrix. I am not sure if I said this in class or not.
  • Update made on February 22nd
      It is OK to turn in the homework due today (Monday the 22nd) tomorrow (Tuesday the 23rd).
    • We will switch the order of the following two sections in the homework packet, and do section on unconstrained optimization (section 1.18) next. The Chain Rule will be covered later in the week. The homework assignments will be switched so that 1.18 will be due on Thursday 2/25 and 1.17 will be due on Monday or Tuesday of next week.
      Finally, here is the code which does the manipulation with Taylor approximations we did in class today.

       Plot3D[{-1 + 2*Exp[-x^2 - y^2], 1, 1 - x^2 - y^2},  
       {x, -b, b}, {y, -b, b}, PlotRange -> 1.25, 
       PlotStyle -> {Red, Green, Blue}], {b, .25, 2}]
  • Update made on February 17th
      Due to midterm exams that many people in our class are having in the next day or two, and due to the fact that linearization (approximation by the linear transformation defined by the Jacobi matrix) is so important and deep of a concept, nobody should feel pressured to turn in the homework by the end of the day on Thursday. Please feel free to take an extra day.
  • Update made on February 12th
      Problems due on Monday, February 15th: Problems 1 and 4 from cylindrical coordinates (1.12), the entire section on spherical coordinates (1.13), and problems 2 and 3 from the section on curvilinear coordinatization (1.14).

      This means you should skip problems 2 and 3 from cylindrical coordinates (1.12), and problems 1 and 4 from the section on curvilinear coordinatization (1.14).

  • Update made on February 9th
      The only set of problems which is due on Thursday, February 11th is that from Section 1.11: Polar Coordinates. Section 1.12 on cylindrical coordinates will be due on Monday February 15th.
  • Update made on February 2nd
      Postpone the questions involving projections (Problems 3, 4 on the dot product homework, Section 1.7). We’ll talk about projections on Friday, and these two projection problems will be due on Monday February 8th.
  • Update made on January 31st
      The last homework problem, i.e. Problem 5 from Section 1.6, is optional.
  • Update made on January 26th
      We are postponing the homework on vectors until Monday. The current plan is to have the homework on vectors (1.5) and homework on matrices (1.6) both be due on Monday.
      I made an addition to the Mathematica segment in the packet. The addition is about the RegionPlot feature of Mathematica which allows us to plot regions in a plane or space given by inequalities.
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